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It is no secret that infrastructure in the United States is aging faster than we can maintain it. According to the American Society of Civil Engineer’s 2021 Report Card, the United States needs to invest $2.59 trillion over the next 10 years. By 2039, America's overdue infrastructure will cost the average American household $3,300 a year or $63 a week.   


In addition to this, a study by NACE International concluded that the direct cost to the United States associated with internal and external corrosion is in the range of hundreds of billions of dollars. The structural integrity of many structures is continuously under attack by the elements, corrosion, and fatigue.  


The answer to these continual attacks?  Reese Tower Services (RTS). RTS specializes in providing comprehensive mapping and inspection services to the tower and poles industries. Whether communications, sports lighting, electric utility, high mast lighting, traffic or wind energy structures, RTS stands ready to assist you in maximizing the value of your vertical assets.  


RTS brings many years of experience with these structures from manufacturing through installation and field modifications for repair and/or to enhance structural capacity. RTS is a recognized expert in ground-based and safe aerial inspections including condition assessments, retrieving field data, performing weld inspections, and non-destructive weld examinations. Whether your motivation is structural optimization or extending the life of your structures, RTS welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and business.


Please call (570) 359-3293 or email us to discuss how our expertise can assist with your most challenging projects.

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