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With the explosive growth of wireless services and the demand for smartphones and data usage surging over the last twenty years, the optimization of communication poles structural capacity has been a critical component of this growth.


As the count of wireless cell sites in the United States increased by over 300% from 1995 to 2000, tubular steel pole use as antenna supports increased dramatically.  Favored by zoning boards and the public alike for their aesthetics and concealment options, steel pole use in urban markets facilitated site acquisition in numerous challenging areas.  In the early 2000’s, thousands of monopoles were installed per year at communications sites around the country.  


However due to the public's eventual unhappiness with these new installations and developments in monopole reinforcement, a new trend began: the optimization of existing, over-stressed structures.  


RTS has been at the forefront of this trendline since the early 2000's and has developed
the industries most comprehensive suite of services specifically for the global telecommunications industry: 


Inspection Services
  • Nondestructive weld inspections (NDE)

  • Certified weld inspections (CWI)

  • Tower condition assessments

  • Due diligence tower inspections

  • Tower as-built inspections

  • Post-modification inspections


Mapping Services


  • Mapping to support structural analysis

  • Antenna, feedline, and mount mapping

  • Tower upgrade feasibility; pre-structure modification mapping

  • Communications site layouts

Field Service


  • Weld repair services

  • Anchor rod pull-testing


Consulting Services


  • Welding documentation preparation and review

  • QA/QC auditing

Telecommunications Monopole
Communications Monopole with Antennas
Self-Support Tower with Antennas and Microwave Dishes

When you combine unparalleled experience, professional inspection teams and concise, timely reporting - you have RTS' Communications group.


Call us today at (570) 359-3293 and let us bring our expertise to your next communications project challenges!

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