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Wind Energy

Due to the need for alternative energy sources, the use of wind energy structures has skyrocketed in recent years.  A great number of structures have been built and installed across the United States to meet this demand and are key components in the quest for effective and green electricity generation.  


Including both steel poles and self-support style towers, small wind energy structures are very susceptible to fatigue-induced issues on both base welded connections and anchor bolts.  As with all elevated structures, routine maintenance and inspection is crucial to the safe operation longevity of these structures.  


High Mast/Traffic Structures

Tubular steel poles are used extensively for high mast lighting and traffic industries.  High mast lighting structures, sign support structures, luminaire support structures, and traffic signal support structures illuminate and provide traffic control for our interstates, roadways, and local streets. Subject to weather, vehicular damage, fatigue, and corrosion, routine inspection of these structures by the professionals at RTS can ensure their performance and public safety.


From inspection through remediation - contact RTS today at to discuss our full range of services

for your wind energy and high mast/traffic structures.

Wind energy turbine
Traffic signal support structures at sunset
Lattice wind turbine structure
Traffic signal support structures
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