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In our continued quest to be on the forefront of tower inspection and service, RTS has invested heavily in equipment and training to allow us to develop and launch our own fleet of sUAS’s (small unmanned aerial systems), for inspecting, evaluating, and servicing towers with the intent of highlighting any structural damage or deterioration.

RTS utilizes the latest in cutting edge technology including 4K cameras for:

  • Still Photography and Video

  • Optical and Digital Zoom

  • Enhanced Wind and Water Resistance


When combined these technologies allow RTS to perform inspections safely and quickly, even in adverse weather conditions. Our zoom capabilities allow us to fly safely away from the structure we are inspecting.


RTS’ fleet is ready to assist you with your most challenging tower projects in the most difficult terrain, including:

  • Structure Scans

  • Antenna Mappings

  • Conditions Assessments

  • And much more!

  • Pre-Mod Mappings

  • Mount Mappings

  • Post-Natural Disaster Response

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