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RTS is pleased to provide our valued current and future customers with a selection of technical papers and documents for use and distribution.  We hope that these prove useful to you in the continued safe operation of your structures:

Communications Pole Inspection & Maintenance

Discussion of Current Issues Related to Steel Telecommunications Monopole Structures | courtesy of David Hawkins, Paul J. Ford & Company

NDE Techniques of Steel Communications Poles

Qualification of Procedures & Welders

Structural Reinforcement Nate 2015 | courtesy of John Erichsen EET, LLC.

Steel Poles & Sensitivity to Fatigue

AGL Magazine July 2006 – Protect Your Investment

TIA OSHA 3-24-15 | courtesy of John Erichsen EET, LLC.

Welding Inspection FAQ

Pole Base Weld Toe Cracking

PSPE 2015 – Tower Designs, Structural Upgrades, and Maintenance Using ANSI/TIA-222-G

Discussion of Tubular Steel Monopole Base Connections: The Base Weld Toe Crack Phenomenon: Crack Identification and Proposed Severity Classification System

AGL Magazine February 2016 – Monopole Base Weld Toe Cracks and Why They May Collapse Your Tower

Planning Advisory Notice (PAN) – Welding Basics

Planning Advisory Notice (PAN) – Welding Discontinuities & Defects

Planning Advisory Notice (PAN) – Welding Inspection Tasks – The Role of the Inspector

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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